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whitening skin treatment in Dubai

Lighter and Fair Skin!

Skin Whitening is a cosmetic procedure that is used to lighten the dark areas of the skin. Many people wish to have fair skin or lighten certain birthmarks, blemishes, and other dark patches on the skin. These dark patches are formed due to the production of melanin – a pigment that gives the skin its color. There are two ways of whitening skin treatment i.e. use of creams to lighten skin and laser treatment. As compared to laser treatment, the use of creams is fairly easy. You can consult your dermatologist to prescribe a skin whitening cream based on medicines i.e. hydroquinone and steroid medicines. However, we highly recommend our readers consult a dermatologist before taking any medicine for skin whitening. Hydroquinone or steroid medicines can cause serious effects on the skin and are not suitable for use for certain patients. That’s why it is important to seek the consultation of a certified professional before using skin whitening creams. As compared to creams, skin whitening laser treatment has proved to be far more effective and expensive. The laser treatment targets the dark patches on the skin. It will take a few weeks for the skin to lose its color and appear lighter after the swelling and redness subside.

Skin Whitening at Dubai
Skin Whitening at Dubai Wellness

At Dubai Wellness, we offer the best whitening skin treatment as performed by our expert dermatologist. Initially, you have to consult our dermatologist for an evaluation of your skin and the dark area you wish to get rid of. You can share your expectations from the treatment with the doctor and ask about your concerns. The dermatologist may run a skin patch test to establish the reaction of the skin to the laser treatment. After an initial consultation, the dermatologist will set a date for the laser session. It will take a few sessions till the completion of the treatment. If you have more queries, visit us at Dubai Wellness.

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