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Purpose of the Drip :

Libido + muscle growth + fat burner + speed up muscle recovery

Volume :500ml
Test Boost IV

The term "libido" refers to a person's urge to participate in intimate behavior. People who are economically disadvantaged and living in urban areas are disproportionately likely to suffer higher levels of stress and sleep deprivation since the modern world is so demanding. These circumstances have a detrimental effect on one's libido. An Effective Solution To Boost Low Libido

A tested and effective solution to poor libido issues is Atelier Clinic's Libido Boost IV therapy, B12, L-carnitine, Taurine, Arginine which are all-natural and have been shown to increase libido in adults by boosting natural testosterone levels.

Vitamin B12 for Boosting Libido

Increased energy and less weariness are the results of vitamin B12 consumption by women. A boost in mood is another benefit of vitamin b12. Vitamin B12's mood and energy-boosting effects have a knock-on effect on libido.

The lipotropic effects of MIC have gained widespread attention (its ability to burn fat efficiently). The levels of this vitamin have been shown to affect sleep, mood, and energy levels positively—energy and libido benefit from getting enough sleep and a pleasant attitude.