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Purpose of the Drip :

Anti-aging + immunity + mood enhancer + energy boost + general well-being

Volume :750ml
Mood Booster IV

Do you feel depleted of energy all the time? Can you feel your head pounding? You are not alone in experiencing these depressing feelings. This is a common sentiment, especially during the colder months. There is, however, a way out of this jam. Intravenous (IV) supplementation has boosted mood and mental health, allowing patients to rediscover the joy in daily life. IV therapy is a popular choice among those needing relief from symptoms like weariness, dehydration, mood changes, or lack of energy because it is a risk-free and effective therapeutic option.

Fatigue, drowsiness, mental fogginess, and even illness might be symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin supplements used orally are inefficient and time-consuming how. Eating healthy foods and taking supplements to help your immune system is a good idea. Despite this, a more robust immune system is achievable, though it may take effort and time to see the benefits. Mood enhancement IV therapy is a cutting-edge, practical approach to providing your cells with the vitamins and antioxidants they require to thrive.

Mood Booster IV Helps You Feel More Energized

Before any medication you take by mouth can reach your bloodstream, it must first enter your stomach and be digested. You'll only be able to take in and use around half of it. Our IV therapy is 100% absorbed, so you'll start to feel better almost immediately. Overscheduling and stress can have adverse effects on health. Feelings of exhaustion and depletion set in. Concentrating is not easy, and it's trickier to keep up your drive. Physical manifestations of stress, such as a compromised immune system that is less able to ward off infections, or dull, dry skin that is accelerating the aging process, may become readily apparent to the stressed individual.

The ability to maintain physical and mental health can be compromised by stress, alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation, and poor diet. In an ideal world, your food would provide for your every need. However, when your hurried lifestyle takes center stage, you quickly find yourself exhausted and unable to recover.

Feelings of sadness are natural, given how long we've been stuck there. If you're thinking about trying IV therapy for the first time or want to know more about the options available, Drip IV and our staff of "dumpsters" are here to help.

Each client receives a custom-made drip from our drip specialists, who can make anything from a performance- and hydration-enhancing cocktail to a mood-enhancing beverage. Every single thing is under our control.