Hercules IV


Hercules IV


Purpose of the Drip :

Muscle growth + fat burner + speed up muscle recovery

Volume :600ml
Muscle Growth

Hercules IV therapy offers a total supply of all types of amino acids to keep you healthy and robust in the long run. Hercules IV is composed of compounds that comprise most of the body’s proteins. These compounds are essential in development, repair, digestion, and energy production. Through Hercules IV therapy, your body receives amino acids in the bloodstream, which can aid in multiple bodily functions.

Some people may have trouble consuming oral supplements or absorbing amino acids through food. Do you take any medications or have prior conditions preventing you from absorbing nutrients properly? IV therapy will indeed be helpful for you.

Hercules IV can promote the recovery of protein synthesis after exercise. With IV therapy, your muscles can acquire the amino acids needed for your improved muscle growth, muscle repair and aids general well-being.

Fat Loss
Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight, only to hit a plateau when they were so close to their goal, knows how frustrating it can be when weight loss stops progressing. If this has happened to you, a fat burner Hercules IV administered by Atelier Clinic might be of assistance. Hercules IV cocktail helps accelerate your metabolism which in turn leads to clories being burned off more rapidly.
Muscle Recovery

Dehydration can slow down muscle recovery, resulting in tiredness, severe cramps, or higher heartbeats, which negatively impact athletic performance. If an athlete becomes severely dehydrated for an extended period, it can lead to more significant issues, such as muscle damage and kidney problems. We must begin rehydrating as soon as possible. Hercules IV therapy at Atelier Clinic can effectively aid rapid muscle recovery and weight loss through added supplements that may be added to an infusion. Our Hercules IV may be composed of the following additives: