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Double Chin removal

Double Chin Removal in Dubai

No one likes sagging-skin right around the chin area on the face. While most people believe this as a sign of weight-gain, it is basically formed due to bad posture or natural-face shape. Many women and men complain of having a double chin that makes them look fat, older, and out of shape. However, the good is that you can now get rid of the double through a non-invasive double chin treatment offers at Dubai wellness.

What is Double Chin Removal Treatment?

To remove the fatty area around chin, the popular method in use is liposuction. During the process, a small incision is made under the skin to suck out the fat. The liposuction required local anaesthetic to numb the area around chin. Double Chin removal through liposuction is one of the most reliable technique suggested by the doctors. Other than that, there are methods in use as well such face lift, HIFU, thread-lift, etc.

Double chin removal at Dubai Wellness

At Dubai Wellness, we offer reliable treatment to get rid of extra fat in the chin area. Our expert dermatologists are readily available to prescribe the best treatment to remove double chin as per your face and requirement. At Dubai Wellness, we believe every human is different and is blessed with unique features. Our utmost preference is to provide our clients with safe and proven healthcare solutions to contour their face and remove the problem areas. If you are looking for reliable dermatologists to get rid of fat around chin, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Dubai Wellness.

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