Detox IV

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Detox IV


Purpose of the Drip :

Detox + reduce oxidative stress + boost immunity

Volume : 500ml
detox iv drip dubai

Best Detox Iv Drip Dubai, UAE

Reboot your body with Detox IV Drip

Detoxification of the body from impurities is an ancient idea that has been in practice for centuries. In older times, people used to use blood-sucking leeches to suck impurities out of the body. However, as the medical industry evolved and advanced, there are many ways to improve physical health and get rid of harmful toxins in the body. One such way is to get a detox iv drip dubai. If you are interested to reverse the signs of aging, improve hair health, and support the health of the liver, a Detox IV drip is a perfect solution. It is a high-dose powerful antioxidant drip that is used to reduce inflammation, stimulate the growth of collagen, and fight off certain viruses in the body. The patients are provided with a dose of essential nutrients, hydration, and vitamins using an IV setup.

Detox IV Therapy at Dubai Wellness

At Dubai Wellness, we offer the most effective IV treatment for detoxification. Our trained staff will set up your IV infusion at a relaxing massage chair available at the clinic. We ensure to keep a peaceful and calm environment so that our clients can relax during their IV infusion. Once the infusion is complete, you are good to leave the clinic after finishing a few formalities. The Detox IV package by Dubai Wellness includes several essential nutrients and vitamins that are bound to give your body the boost it needs. The detox iv drip dubai is also useful for those who have weak liver health. After the treatment, you are advised to drink plenty of water to pass various toxins through the liver and bladder. The infusion takes 24 hours at most to show its effects and you will start to feel a lot better after 24 hours.

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