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Tips to improve Immune Health

The surge of the COVID-19 pandemic has made people aware of at least one thing: An improved immunity system. There are many ways to improve the immunity system however it can’t happen overnight. To bolster your immunity, it is important to make several dietary and lifestyle changes to strengthen the body’s natural defense system to fight off COVID-19 and other harmful pathogens. Based on interaction with patients at our IV Clinic Dubai, we have gathered some of the tips or you can say life changes that you can follow to build the strength of the immune system in your body.

Eat Healthy Food

Some people mistake eating healthy for eating a lot or eating too often. Eating healthy means eating fats, fermented foods, and whole plant foods like nuts, seeds, vegetables, legumes, and fruits that are full of healthy nutrients and antioxidants. These healthy nutrients featuring vitamins, minerals, and fiber help improve immunity and keep harmful pathogens at bay.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is not directly involved in fighting off germs and bacteria, however, it is important to keep one active and improve physical performance. The dehydrated body suffers from headaches, indigestion, mood, dizziness, dryness, and heart and kidney dysfunctions. Therefore, your body needs to take ample amounts of fluids in your routine to stay hydrated.

Sleep Patterns

As per medics, sleep has great relation with immunity. The restless body is prone to getting sick quickly and faces a hard time in the healing process. The experts advise adults to get at least 7 hours of sleep, teens to need 8-10 hours, and children to up to 14 hours.

Moderate Exercise

Exercise can give an impressive boost to the immune system by enabling the vaccines in the body to work more efficiently. It reduces inflammation and aids in the regeneration of the immune cells in routine. Moderate exercise includes brisk walking, jogging, swimming, steady bicycling, and light hiking.

Manage Stress

Stress is one of the leading factors that make it hard for the body to fight off the disease. If the mind is under constant stress and anxiety, it promotes inflammation and causes an imbalance in the functionality of the immune cells. Therefore, it is necessary to relieve stress and anxiety to improve immune health. There are several activities that you can follow to get rid of stress such as meditation, yoga, counseling, exercise, journaling, etc.

Vitamin IV Drip

The other quick way to improve immunity at a cellular level is to get a Vitamin IV drip. The best vitamin for immune strength is Vitamins B6, B12, C, D, Zinc, Folic Acid, etc. These vitamins play an important role to fight common illnesses such as cold and flu and improve your body's response. You can consult a specialist at Dubai Wellness to get the best iv drip Dubai and enhance your immune system.