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10 warning signs of dehydration to look for

Many people come to our clinic to get a Hydration Drip, especially in Summers. Considering the rise in demand, we have listed down common symptoms of dehydration to help our readers to stay alert.

Continued urge to drink more water is a sign of dehydration. According to doctors, when a person feels thirsty, he/she is about 2 percent dehydrated. So, it is not a lot but if you don’t drink water soon, this percentage builds and moves toward causing a serious situation.
Dry Mouth

A dry mouth is another indication that the hydration level in your body is low. You feel dryness in the mouth due to a lack of saliva which is not formed because of an insufficient amount of body fluids. A dry mouth can further cause bad breath and makes you an unfavorable company among friends.

Dry Skin

Apart from a dry mouth, dehydration can cause dryness on the skin and face as well. Dryness and stretchiness in the skin that won’t go even after applying moisture means your body lacks moisture internally. Dehydration in the body makes the skin dryer than usual.

Low Blood Pressure
Plasma makes most of the blood in the body which is a liquid part. Since plasma is made up of water, protein, and salt, the low level of water in plasma will make the blood more concentrating making it difficult to flow causing low blood pressure.

Change in urine color

The hydration can also be gauged by the color of urine. If the body has a normal amount of body water, the urine will be clearer. If the body has a low amount of water, it is more likely to produce urine of a darker color.

Decrease in urination

A good amount of water in the body helps the kidney work efficiently and remove toxins from the body. If there is no water, the kidney has nothing to work on which means your body is likely to retain all the toxins, As the kidneys won’t function, there won’t be much urination. So if you are feeling a decrease in urination or burning, it means you need to drink plenty of water.

Cramps in body

Due to the concentration of blood in the body, it doesn’t reach the vital organs as it should. The inadequate supply of blood to the organs causes cramps in muscles and makes the person live in agony. Muscle cramps are an important sign of dehydration.


Headaches are a common sign of dehydration. Since the body has lower fluids, concentrated blood due to dehydration, trigging headaches, or migraines is common. The headaches can also come with dizziness and light-headedness in extreme cases.


Dehydration makes a person becomes more lethargic and lacks energy. As you don’t have enough water and lower blood pressure, the flow of blood to the brain decreases which makes your body slow down and lack energy.


The digestive system also relies on water in the body to complete the process of excretion. The water carries the wasteful material travel through the intestines smoothly. If there is not plenty of water to carry the wasteful materials, a person is likely to suffer from constipation.

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