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Non-surgical facelift treatment in just one session.

HIFU stands for high-intensity frequency ultrasound. It's the latest Hifu machine ever now and the fastest machine so you don’t feel pain and don’t need any anaesthesia on the skin. Actually, you can just come and reshoot in eight minutes. This machine is the latest and three times faster than the general typhoon machine out there.

The machine is basically what it does it tightens the skin how it does it we just put a probe on the skin and then we shoot it. It’s going to focus the ultrasound energy below the skin and stimulate collagen. Like other treatments say Gluta Drip Dubai for skin rejuvenation Hifu treatments are also proven to be very effective for skin.

It has been proved that NAD drip therapy benefits physical, mental, and spiritual performance. Apart from that, it has been demonstrated to be effective in treating a number of other health conditions, such as chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

What is HIFU treatment in Dubai?

HIFU treatment, as your age you all see the nasolabial folds coming down having a saggy jaw line. The entire face shows sign of sagging and aging and fine lines and wrinkles. The double chin comes up there is a single-stop solution for this which is called HIFU. And this can make sure that all these signs are reversed within a one-hour session you can reverse signs of aging with a single session of HIFU treatment.

Without bothering to get the surgery done or without any needles so what exactly is HIFU, itis a high-intensity focused ultrasound in which the ultrasound waves go deep into your dermal layer and form new collagen in the skin.

Collagen is the building block that does it all for you it tightens your skin smoothens out wrinkles and lifts up your face without the need for any surgery this is what makes high food the growing trend in anti-ageing.

These days so how many sessions of a HIFU do you need and how long does the result last well if you have a very bulky face you may require two or three sessions at a three to sixth-month interval.

And if you have a slimmer face and you just need a tuck and a lift you can just get the result in a single session the result of HIFU treatment DUBAI is permanent so it stays for upto 12 to 24 months after that your skin ages gradually and catches up with the sagging signs.

Therefore, we advise taking a high-food treatment once a year to maintain anti-aging properties.

Are there any side effects to this HIFU treatment?

You need to go to a skin doctor meet them first and see if this treatment can work for your needs and then let the doctor advise you about the correct energies for the procedure.

Once you start with the procedure you may feel a little bit of tenderness in the treatment area because your skin tightens and the excess fat cells will wash out of the skin also if you have sensitive skin you may face a little bit of redness which will go away in a few hours if you have a lot of redness you may apply ice this is a procedure that gives an instant face lift without any significant downtime. Therefore you can take it even two or three days before any important event without worrying about any post-procedure signs.

Is HIFU treatment effective for a facelift?
  • This is the safest and quickest procedure without any downtime or side effects it also gives very natural results.
  • So your skin will feel fresh and tighter and the nasolabial folds will be lifted.
  • You will have a more contoured jaw line after the procedure and if you are getting it done on the double chin you may see the tightening of the double chin as well all without a single prick which makes HIFU one of the most demanded treatments.
Searching for a good clinic for skin treatment?

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