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Learn everything about Liquid Facelift

The wish to appear beautiful and younger dates back for centuries. Beauty treatments and remedies are common to be found in nearly every culture and region where men and women try different ingredients and methods to appear more beautiful and look younger than age. These methods traditionally involved the use of creams and other organic products to achieve a younger and fresher look. However, as the medical industry evolved, new invasive and non-invasive methods to look younger became popular. Initially, cosmetic and plastic surgeries become popular to change facial features and get rid of sagging skin. But cosmetic and plastic surgeries are prolonged surgeries that depend on surgical invasive methods and are usually costly. In recent years, skincare experts have introduced certain less-invasive and budget-friendly methods to treat the skin to reduce the signs of aging. One such popular method is the Liquid facelift which has proved to be a game changer for those who want to look beautiful and younger.

What is Liquid Facelift?

The liquid facelift is one of the latest trends in skincare treatments that are regarded as one of the best ways to treat aging signs. In this treatment, a combination of injectable procedures is used to address issues like loss of volume in the skin, wrinkles, and fine lines without going for invasive and costly face surgeries.

As you age, the lines on the forehead and around the mouth, eyes, and nose become more apparent. Similarly, the brow lines and jawline begin to sag making you look older. You can also lose volume in the temples, cheeks, lips, or under the eyes. To treat all these issues, dermatologists have come up with an innovative solution i.e. to use dermal fillers to inject into these areas. The results of a liquid facelift are visible almost immediately after the treatment and last for nearly a year. The longevity of the effects is also the reason behind the popularity as it gives you a chance to reverse the changes and go back to your previous looks in case you do not like the changes on your face.

Things to Consider before Liquid Facelift treatment

Before going for a liquid facelift, you need to discuss with your dermatologist if the treatment is right for you or not. Facelift treatment is ideal for those candidates that exhibit milder signs of aging. It is not a suitable treatment for those who have excessively sagging skin and wrinkles. There are limits to what fillers can do to preserve the natural look and add volume to the area that lacks it. It is equally important to consult an experienced dermatologist that can advise the treatment as per the skin type and condition. An untrained individual may not only inject you with substandard fillers but could also land an unnatural look on your face that might be opposite to what you have imagined or expected. If you are looking for an experienced dermatologist and worthy advice, visit our IV Clinic Dubai – Dubai Wellness.