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What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening procedure involves lightening and brightening stained teeth to make them appear white and healthy. Various procedures, from simple whitening toothpastes, gels, rinses, strips, and trays to whitening products done professionally at a dentist's office, are used to clean and polish teeth to eliminate stains and make them look white. Your teeth brighten your smile and bring out the best in you. Everyone likes clean, white teeth, and when your teeth are in good shape, you make a better impression on others.

You may want to have Teeth whitening Dubai treatment:

  • If they have become discolored, either owing to internal causes such as damage to the dentin, the inner layer of your tooth, or exterior causes such as discoloration of the enamel from smoking, cola, or coffee consumption.
  • To brighten your smile and make you appear more attractive.

Risk Factors:

The following variables make teeth discoloration more likely:

  • Age: The enamel, as well as the dentin, deteriorates naturally as you get older, causing teeth to appear yellowish or grey.
  • Smoking: Tobacco, particularly cigarettes, creates stains on the tooth enamel, which can be seen even in the grooves.
  • Coffee, cola, or wine consumption: coffee, cola, and wine drinking cause teeth to be yellow with time.
  • Medicines: Teeth discoloration has been linked to high fluoride exposure in early childhood or tetracycline consumption.

Teeth whitening is not advised for people with gum disease or deteriorated enamel. The whitening solution might absorb into the interior parts of the tooth and cause more damage if the dental roots are exposed or cavities are left untreated. Veneers, crowns, fillings, and restorations are not compatible with whitening chemicals, resulting in uneven whitening. The most prevalent negative effect of teeth whitening is tooth sensitivity.

Signs & Symptoms:

If you observe any signs mentioned below, you should think about teeth whitening:

  • Enamel stains include white streaks, yellow or brown patches, and pits.
  • Discoloration of the enamel or teeth are darkening.
  • Exposure of the dentin results in a yellowish appearance of the teeth.


The dentist at Atelier Clinic will perform the following diagnostics before giving a teeth whitening treatment:

  • Oral health assessment
  • An explanation of your needs and instructions
  • Dental prophylaxis is the cleaning and eradication of plaque from the teeth.

Treatment Options:

Teeth whitening may appear to be a simple procedure, but it must be carried out under the supervision of a qualified dentist. It might cause discomfort in the teeth and irritation to the gums if a specialist does not do it. Following are steps involved in the procedure:

  • The dentist will use a peroxide-based whitening gel to apply to your teeth. The gel will eventually break down the links between discolored molecules, significantly cleansing your teeth. The oxygen will be able to enter your teeth entirely thanks to a high-powered light that activates the gel.
  • Laser teeth whitening may be used by the dentist to provide a brighter effect..