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Hair Loss Treatment Dubai

Are you scared of hair loss or are you going bald? Do not worry, there is the latest hair loss treatment Dubai of hair loss using PRP Method, QR-678 method, and Surgery. Hair loss is very common nowadays because of some genetic reasons, some lifestyle reasons, some diet problems, stress, etc.

PRP- PRP stands for Platelet rich plasma, this is non-surgical hair restoration. In this method, you should already have some hair on your head. This PRP method is using your own blood and taking out platelet-rich plasma from your blood and injecting it again into your scalp. This helps stimulate hair growth and you have to go through it a few times in a year to complete the process also you need to continue doing treatment using minoxidil at home, some shampoos, and some supplements as prescribed by Hair treatment Expert. QR-678- This method is also a non-surgical hair loss treatment and is approved by many organizations. QR stands for Quick Response. This helps in repairing your hair follicles and regrowing your hair effectively. Hair Treatment expert injects this liquid on your bald area and you have to go through the eight sessions to achieve the best results. It is a very safe method to use for your hair that’s why it is highly recommended by many hair treatment experts. This is the fastest way of hair growth and is more effective than any other treatment contains lots of medicines that help increase follicle size, rebuild the blood supply, and also make your hair strong and healthy.

Hair Transplantation Surgery- In this Process, the Surgeon draws various hairlines on your head to perform surgery. The surgeon takes follicles from the dense area or donor site and injects them into the bald area. This is also a great solution for hair.