Hifu Treatment Dubai

Aging causes our facial appearance old and haggard. Our facial look is the first thing that changes when we get old because, with aging, our body either gets obese or lea. Our facial skin somehow loses and we get a double chin which degrades our aesthetic appearance and looks. At Dubai Wellness, we have devised a solution for you that provides you with a sharp jawline and removes fat from the face.

We have brought High-intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU treatment in Dubai which is a non-surgical facelift or facial method.

HIFU Dubai is a non-surgical skin tightening method and many organizations and authorities around the world approve the employment of this painless therapy for facelifting and also as a facial method.

At first, skin experts will draw some lines on your face to scrutinize the loose skin area and analyze your facial skin where you are required to get treated. After initial diagnosis, they will then apply ultrasound jelly on your skin and then give you treatment by HIFU machine. This machine puts some ultrasound waves beneath your skin or at epidermis cells that stimulate collagen, elastin, and melanin which helps to tighten your skin, reduces the fat cells, and helps your skin to resist against fall of harmful photodamage. Thus, it keeps your skin rejuvenated and intact from the damage of harmful rays caused due to long exposure to solar or UV-A rays.

This treatment is munificent for all age groups but people under 60 years of age enjoy a special benefit as it helps them to retain their collagen and elastin levels for a longer period. HIFU Dubai is getting more popular day by day as it is a safe and effective process for your facial skin.

The treatment per session takes around 30-40 minutes and gives an effective and apparent result even after 3 months. HIFU is highly recommended by most skin experts nowadays and it has substituted most of the cosmetic facial treatments in Dubai. The process is smooth and soothing but post-treatment, you are advised to take care of your skin as it is necessary to maintain the effects of HIFU treatment longer. Your skincare practices will augment the treatment and provide you with a younger and more dynamic look.

There are also other ways are available for this but if you don’t want to go through surgery and are scared of needles and after effects then you should go for HIFU.