Liquid Facelift In Dubai

There are certain changes that develop with aging. Every age category experiences those challenges and those are basically changes in the skin tone and changes in the texture of the skin. It occurs because the skin loses collagen and elastin which are responsible for developing elasticity in the skin. These compounds also affect the dullness and emergence of fine lines along with the development of wrinkles on the skin. That has nothing to do with the surgical correction that is more about skincare and proper treatment for the actual skin. With aging, there is an apparent change in volume as the facial fat shreds as we age, and this can be easily witnessed with the loss of facial fat in the temporal areas, under the eyes, above the eyes, our lips start shrinking a little bit, the cheeks get a little bit smaller, there come various volumetric changes that happen solely because of fat loss.

Then there are certain changes that can be seen happening to the fascia of the face. The fascia of the face is what basically causes the face to maintain a certain shape, and with the age, our fascia begins to elongate, and get a little bit distorted and deformed, as a result, we start to see our jawline attaining a square shape and getting elongated alongside. Then we start to see the jowling face. We start to see the changes in the mid-face that starts coming down and deepening as the nasolabial fold, and then heaviness in the neck region.

Now those changes can be effectively treated with surgical treatment throughout facelift in Dubai, but those changes normally do not start happening until much later, usually at the end of the fourth decade, or in the late forties and early fifties.

So, if you are in your late 30s and early 40s and experience some of those changes like laxity or looseness on your face and neck and other traits then, you are advised to opt for our most innovative non-surgical treatments like a liquid facelift that provide you an edge over typical approaches that are provided by the medical spa, dermatology practices, and even by plastic surgeries.

Our liquid facelift is performed by experts which are specially designed to help you to get rid of deep wrinkles, aging, double chin, and jowling face and provide you with a natural aesthetic look.