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Composite Fillings

Get ready for a healthy, beautiful smile makeover

At Wellness Atelier Clinic, we offer dental treatment of top-notch quality. In fact, we protect the beautiful and healthy smiles of the patients. Oral health should be given proper attention. Problems like cavities should not be neglected. As soon as you notice decay in the tooth, opt for composite fillings. With the help of easy-to-apply options, you can restore your oral health. Take precautionary steps and protect your dental health.

Benefit of composite fillings:

  • Restore shine and shape of the tooth
  • Perfect option for restoring chipped or decayed tooth
  • Composite fillings remain unnoticed
  • Suitable for small and large cavities

Through proper dental procedures, it is possible to get rid of problems such as cavities, cracks and tooth decay. Composite filling is a mixture of resin as well as ceramic powder. The decayed part is smoothly removed and the healthy area of the tooth is left untouched. Our dental experts precisely place the composite filling so as to restore the natural shape of the tooth.

Feel free to contact us and learn more about the procedure of composite fillings. Our dental treatments are protective and long-lasting. Get the best treatment and take proper care of your oral health.