Aphrodite IV


Aphrodite IV


Purpose of the Drip :

Female balance + detox + reduce oxidative stress

Volume : 600ml


Why would | need it?

The world we live in is extremely toxic and unfortunately, our bodies are paying the price. On the flip side, we have treatments to help lower the impact of toxins.

How does it work?
Our fertility supplementary infusions will provide you with vitamins (including Folic acid), amino acids and antioxidants to prime your body for fertility and help promote a better outcome. The quality of an egg is highly sensitive to oxidative stress. Free radicals contributes to the mechanism behind infertility and if we can inhibit and neutralize these free radicals, the fertility outcome can be improved by ensuring better quality of ova.

How often should | take it?
This infusion is administered once weekly over a period of a few weeks.